Hunter I-40-06-SS 6 Inch Pop-Up Rotor

The Hunter Industries were established in 1981 by Edwin J Hunter who pioneered in irrigation facilities for the agricultural industry. The Hunter family business has grown for several decades since and so has their expertise in producing rotary sprinklers suited for every need. From residential to commercial sites, this company offers rotary sprinklers of various sizes and strengths.

The history of rotary sprinkler is a long one. The first sprinklers were discovered in the New England area of United States wherein the farmers made crude perforated pipe systems to protect their properties from possible damage from fire. These primary sprinklers let out water in 안전토토사이트 different directions only after someone switched on the water supply and controlled the flow of water. Since then, the rotary sprinklers were improvised upon to become more sophisticated devices till we have the state of the art sprinklers as we are all used to. These sprinklers can control water flow and can stay beneath the surface, emerging at scheduled times to sprinkle the surrounding area with water.

Why use the Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor

Rotary sprinklers like the Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor take the innovation in rotary sprinklers a notch higher. The industrial series of sprinklers which come from the stable of the Hunter Industries are geared for reaching varying radius’s so that the distances covered can be adjusted as per the need; again, the nozzle systems are such that the they can withstand strong wind forces which can prevent the water from being sprinkled across the distances as per the radius of the nozzles. While the primary nozzle can be adjusted from a height of 45 to 70 feet, the secondary nozzles are made for spraying the midrange to close range areas. The six inch rise up may be ideal for high turf areas so that there is sufficient height reached to spray the water to the required distance. The stainless steel rise up ensures great durability and tensile strength.

The Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor has another variant which is called the Hunter I-40-ON rotor which has a nozzle system on opposite side as well so that the water is sprayed in an arc like fashion on opposite directions. This ensures that maximum area is covered.

Features galore of the Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor

Other features of the Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor include easy arc adjustment, automatic arc return feature as well as provision of six additional primary nozzles which allow the radius to be adjusted from 45 to 70 feet. The exposed portion of the rubber cover tip is made as small as possible so that it does not come in the way of players or children and no accidents can occur by tripping over the sprinkler heads. Thus, the Hunter I-40-06-SS 6″ pop-up rotor is perfectly aligned to the irrigation needs of a large sports field or a stadium and an investment in this series of commercial rotor is an investment well worth the price.

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