Personal Fitness For the Time Crunched – A System to Help You Do a Quick Workout Without Excuses

When I was a kid, everyone of my friends wanted to play sports and games after school. Going out to throw a ball or running in circles could be fun and we never made an excuse not to play. Today, I was running errands then noticed I had not put in my personal workout in. I had to pick up kids from an after school class and could not be late one second in picking them up. I had less than 25 minutes to get in my personal workout.

As I calculated the time it take to park, walk to the gym, warm up, work out, I actually had about 12 minutes of actual workout time I briskly walked to my gym and did my quick work out. Why am I sharing this? This one word: Excuses. Here are three simple questions that will forever change your thinking and get your knees bending.

1. “What will happen if I DON’T exercise”, and
2. “What will happen if I DO?”
3. “Which of the two lists above do I want my life to REFLECT most?”

It is important to take 5 minutes with  Acidaburn each of these questions. It’s amazing what you and your clients will come up with! Now, things seem different. What do I notice? Many member of the club I belong to I see read “quick” work out routines articles found in health and fitness magazines, watch weight loss based reality shows and maybe buy and exercise “time-saving” products on infomercials so they can work out at home. This one lady I spoke with summed it up perfectly. She said, “Even though the actual time needed is minimal- most people will come up with a dozen excuses NOT to do it”. You see, I didn’t make NOT working out an excuse that day.

Now, let me give you the solutions to my time-crunched evening. First, choose four full-body exercises and for each movement you’ll do for three rounds. What that means is, you’ll do 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Do that and thats one round. Okay, so forty seconds active movement, then 20 seconds rest. Do that two more times for the first movement. Got it? Do it again with another exercise, 40 seconds of constant movement, 20 seconds rest of ad call it anything you want; standing, walking around in place, it can be on your knees, whatever you want. Repeat again for the following 2 movements and repeat the cycles. It’s a great fat loss workout. In fact, I call it “Fatburn 180” It’s 3 minutes total or 180 seconds spend on each movement. If you want to make it more intense, do the movement for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Do rounds of four exercises will total will give you 12 minutes of fat burning, metabolism boosting activity. It really is that simple. Do plan of a cool down. I used my time walking to the car as my cool-down. As you can see, you can get a short workout and don’t need a lot of time. Don’t create reasons, create results.

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