Helpful Information on Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is most often caused by a yeast fungus known as candida albicans but it can also be transmitted sexually between partners. It is a problem that is common to large numbers of women and can be a problem for men as well. While it’s largely known as a female problem it’s not limited. Males and females can pass the infection back and forth unless they are both cured. Repeated infections can be a sign of something off in your diet as well as being infected from an infected sexual partner.

Yeast infection can attack a woman’s genital area with resultant itching and burning, sometimes there is a white, cheesy looking discharge and this is infectious. This fungal infection can also attack the mouth and result in sore and reddened gums, a sore throat or sores keravita pro around the mouth. Male yeast infection of the penile area is often the result of intercourse with an infected partner, although yeast infection is not typically recognized as a sexually transmitted disease.

Around fifteen percent of males contract this condition from a female partner. The symptoms of male yeast infection include itching and burning, resulting in a red rash at the tip of the penis. There can also be a whitish discharge from the tip and burning during intercourse. It is often the rash and the burning that result in people looking up a cure for yeast infection. It’s important to have a yeast infection diagnosed in a male as symptoms for other sexually transmitted diseases that could be very serious might mimic some of the symptoms of male candida infections.

You can buy yeast infection medications over the counter, once you know that you have it. These medications may be oral or they may be creams or other solutions. It is also common to use herbal remedies to overcome this condition.

Natural candida remedies are often the preferred treatment for candidiasis as these do not have the same harmful side effects as non-natural medications. Believe it or not one natural remedy is plain, unsweetened yoghurt. Another natural remedy is garlic taken in capsule form or made into a paste and spread over the affected area – garlic can be used to treat both female and male yeast infections. Some products are designed more for women while others can be used by men as well. Aloe vera extract can be used to ease the burning sensation in both vaginal and penile yeast infections as well. There are herbs and special dietary considerations that can all help cure this problem.

Infection and candida problems are often a recurrent problem for many people which means it is not always easy to cure yeast infection – with this as with many recurrent problems probably the best cure is prevention. Don’t wear tight underclothing or use products that could irritate sensitive areas, take healthy vitamin C and probiotic supplements and watch your sugar intake plus look into a candida diet or detox to get more knowledge about ways to avoid yeast infection.

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