What is the Difference Between GreenMCT and Other Brands?

Broad spectrum CBD is just one of the top three categories of CBD oil available on the market today. The other two relate to only the plant-derived ingredients in the CBD oil. While much of the recent research into CBD has been in its infancy, many consumers are already looking forward to CBD products as a means to reduce their risk for serious medical conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies have shown that CBD may help prevent and treat these very serious diseases, and the potential benefits for everyday health issues like depression and ADD/ADHD are becoming clearer with each passing year. If you’ve never heard of CBD oil before, you’re about to find out why.

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So what makes Broad Spectrum CBD oil so different than its lesser cousins? It’s a significantly higher CBD concentration than you’ll find in any other product. By comparing it to similar products like hemp seed oil and CBD capsules, you can see that the higher CBD concentration significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances that go into your body when you take the recommended dosage. This is why experts encourage everyone to make the choice to add CBD oil to their diet. By taking a multi-nutritional supplement with a high CBD concentration, you’ll significantly decrease your risk for health problems like cancer and the common side effects of Parkinson’s disease, while boosting your general mood and energy levels.

In addition to an increased level of CBD concentration, another reason why Broad Spectrum CBD is so highly desired is that it contains a high amount of terpenoids. Terpenoids are plant based organic compounds that play an important role in CBD’s positive effect on the human brain. Just as it is with non-gmo hemp and CBD, terpenoids have been found to increase the overall effectiveness of CBD. These terpenoids can be found in the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD oils and are extracted through a process called solublization broad spectrum CBD.

A company that makes an entire line of dietary supplements for those who want to take their health into their own hands has discovered a way to combine CBD with terpenes. By using GreenMCT oil as its carrier oil, the company was able to create a full spectrum CBD extract that has twice the CBD concentration as its less expensive alternative. GreenMCT is made from natural ingredients including rice bran, algae, hops, and wood alcohol.

There are some important things to know about this particular type of extract before you decide whether it would be right for you. While the primary difference between GreenMCT and other similar products is that it’s derived from plant sources rather than using chemical means, the company has developed two main varieties of these products. The first, Mainstream CBD, is for those who need a little bit of help getting started. This is a lower concentration product that should work for most people, but who aren’t looking for a high CBD level like the topicals on the market.

The second variety is called CBD-Harming, and it is a much higher CBD product. This is what you might be looking for if you’re looking for something like full spectrum cannabidiol. If you want to know more about the differences between GreenMCT and other products, check out my website. In addition, I’ve been conducting clinical trials on this extract, and have concluded that it has significant benefits in people with certain diseases, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease. If you’d like to learn more about my studies, and how I believe CBD can help you, visit my website today.

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