Afraid To Buy Chinese Goods – You Are Not Allowing According To The Latest Survey

The latest consumer surveys show that the incidents of Chinese Goods, containing poison, led paint or some other disastrous thing are causing alarm bells in the heads of Middle Class buyers. If you recall there was poison in the fish food and pet food. There was poison, a neurotoxin in the toothpaste and there is lead in the paint on our children’s toys. China has apologized and even executed someone they say is responsible.

China products ban: 87% Indians ready to boycott Chinese products for next  one year: Survey | India News - Times of India

Western Middle Class Consumers are not buying it one bit, show the latest surveys, they flat do not trust Chinese Goods. This is unfortunate for China and the US retailers that buy Chinese products. These retailers were making quite a bit of profit selling them due to the low cost of manufacturing. US Retailers are having profit margin issues and this is very much affecting retail stocks China’s silk road economic belt.

Consumers no longer trust hygiene products, pet food or toys that come from China. US citizens are also becoming aware of the environmental disaster brewing in China and want China to do its part in the war against Global Warming. One Think Tank asked, will US citizens trust Chinese Automobiles, as the first Chinese Auto Dealerships are being built now and the first one opens in 2008 in New Jersey.

Consumers in America want to know if China will make good on their promises and stop poisoning Americans. Politicians in America are asking China if they will fund their campaigns. This leads the leading Think Tanks to ask, will anything change. Sincerely, Lance.

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