5 Tips to Put Truck Bed Liner Paint on the Right Way

Truck bed liner paint makes old raggedy truck beds look new again. Save a bunch of dough and get a better looking pickup at the same time. Here’s how… And Why…

How To Remove A Drop In Truck Bed Liner - YouTube

1. Save hundreds.

Who wants to spend big money on an expensive bed liner, especially if you have an old truck. Do it yourself and save a pile of money. The trick is in the special paint. It has rubber texture in it and it sticks like crazy…

2. Roll or spray.

You can spray on a liner yourself or roll the paint on. The trick is the paint is so thick, after it dries a roll on coating looks like it was sprayed on anyway spray on bedliner.

3. Prep simple.

Key to a long lasting finish is getting the old bed paint scratched up really good. That way the new paint sticks just right. All you have to do is use really coarse abrasive and just rough that old paint up good. The more you scratch it up the better. That’s the key to a good stick.

4. Looks like a pro liner.

Here’s the deal. If you have a really rough looking truck bed, bedliner paint can make it look like you just got yourself a professional liner. It isn’t the same though. Why? The professional liner is a different material and it’s much thicker. Depending on how you use your truck, bed liner paint may be just about as good and a whole lot cheaper.

5. Get another quart.

A gallon of paint isn’t enough. Get another quart at least. Two gallons for a truck bed is even better.

Make your pickup look better with a fresh coating of bed liner paint. You can save a pile of money compared to a professional coating. You’ll be amazed what it does for the looks of old, beat-up truck beds.

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