What Is an Independent Medical Examination for a Disability Insurance Claim?

The best Disability Services companies are able to provide these services to large insurance companies and employers nationally. Disability Services are an important line of business and the Independent Medical Examination (IME) is the most requested services for the disability insurance industry.

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An IME is an important part of making decisions in a Disability Insurance Claim case. The purpose of this examination is to get an unbiased and independent medical opinion of the claimant’s disability or injury. This opinion is also often used to judge the claimant’s employability. Sometimes the claimant is out of work collecting disability insurance benefits and the IME lets the employee and employer know whether the claimant can return to work.

Some case managers or employers often have trouble determining which vendor they should use to schedule their IMEs. The vendor that you choose to schedule your IMEs will have a big effect on your clients and/or claimants go to quiz. You’ll want to find a company who has the right set up and more importantly, they have to have enough experience to get the job done efficiently. Time is a factor for these examinations and you want a vendor who can schedule them fast – and with high-quality doctors – so you can get a determination for your Disability Insurance Claim case.

The most trustworthy Disability Services companies have decades of experience developing and refining their method for overseeing the IME process. They need to be with you and offering their assistance from the time they get the referral to the time a final report from the examiner is sent to their client.

This shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution like what many other vendors offer. Your IMEs need to be a personalized service because not everyone who wants to schedule an IME has the same needs. Your Disability Services scheduling company also needs to be an expert in all of the different kinds of IMEs you may need because different situations may call for a different type of IME.

A good IME scheduling service should have a large provider network with tens of thousands of Board Certified physicians and other healthcare specialists. Your Disability Services company needs to staff their office with people who have years of experience dealing with and scheduling IMEs. IMEs are what a good Disability Services company should focus on and they should do them with confidence.

If you are interested in obtaining disability services for your organization you can begin the process by searching for Disability Services companies in search engines. If you have any additional questions it is recommended that you find a company who will make themselves available by phone. Some companies will have a contact form on their home page and a good company should be committed to responding to you via email within 24 hours.

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