Women’s Perfume Reviews – A Look At E BI Aali and Cacharel Cologne By Evelyn

ebi aali

If you are a fan of the Ebi Aali fragrance then you will like this article. The Ebi brand is created in South Africa by Conzo D’Hooves. Conzo D’Hooves is a celebrity designer, and his creations are known all over the world. The company has four international perfumes namely Ebug, EBI Aali, Evelyn and Femme. The newest addition to the Ebi family is the Noir which is very popular with women as well as men.

Eabi Aali by Conzo D’Hooves is a fresh and citrusy perfume that gives you a very light scent. It is light and floral and has a hint of tobacco in it. This fragrance makes you feel that you have left the city at night and have gone on a romantic walk in a garden full of flowers. The lightness of this scent makes it very pleasant and can be worn by both women and men. The base of this perfume is made up of different notes such as sandalwood, cedar and amber. It is not very expensive and it costs around $25 for each bottle.

The base of ebi aali also contains rosewood, vanilla, musk and amber. The fragrance oil also contains a lot of essential oils such as Rosemary, sandalwood and ginger. Each time the EBI Aali fragrance is sprayed the scent evaporates instantly. Once applied, it will last for hours and after spraying it on you will never get rid of the wonderful scent.

Evelyn by Conzo D’Hooves has a beautiful fragrance that smells like apple pie. This perfume contains lots of fruits such as peach, apple, lemon and grapefruit. It is also made up of various woods such as oak, mahogany, cypress and maple. It is not very expensive and when you purchase it you will not notice the difference when compared to other Ebi products. It lasts for long and is light to wear. This Cologne will also last for a long time when you apply it on your wrist and take it off afterwards.

Another very popular perfume is Cacharel’s Bienfueh perfume which is made up of flowers such as lily of the valley, cyclamen and calla lilies. When you spray this on you will smell rich and oriental. The scent is light and fresh with hints of tobacco and patchouli. This perfume has a very unique scent and is a lotion blend. This perfume is also very popular due to its unique smell. Many women love to wear it when they go out at night.

The Evelyn and Cacharel’s Bienfueh Cologne and Aali fragrance are great when it comes to mixing with EBI Aali. These are great combinations as they are both oriental fragrances. The Evelyn is more subtle and will suit those who do not like strong perfumes. The Aali is a very strong scent, which makes it perfect for daytime wear. It can also be worn at night along with your evening wear, to create a great look.

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