Electric Toothbrush: A Must For Oral Well-Being

Are you tired of the boring and monotonous toothbrush? Then you must try the battery powered toothbrush. As the awareness about the dental hygiene has grown, it has become an important to have the latest toothbrush that assures oral well being.

The Best Electric Toothbrush of 2021 - Oral-B

Having visibly white teeth with no plague or cavities is an indication that your teeth are well looked after. Cleaning and brushing your teeth regularly also keeps the bad breath away, which is a big turn off. Even though you may be brushing regularly, your normal manual toothbrush cannot possibly keep all the dental problems away. Sometimes you are lazy, in a hurry or tired so you can’t brush properly electric toothbrush review. But, with electr. toothbrush, you can beat all your dental problems whatsoever! Here are the reasons why an electric toothbrush is better than the manual one:

  • A manual toothbrush only cleans the food and germs from the surface of the teeth but a pulse toothbrush reaches much deeper. It penetrates the teeth and also the gum layer to give maximum freshness to the mouth.
  • A sonic toothbrush has the adequate amount of pressure. Some people might brush very hard with the manual one, applying more pressure than required. This can also damage the teeth. It can make teeth sensitive to hot or cold stimuli.
  • With an electric toothbrush you don’t have to move your arms or hands too much. Just place it on the teeth and the rotatable head of the brush works on its own. This way of brushing is convenient than brushing with the manual brush.
  • Most powered toothbrushes come with an inbuilt timer which makes sure you brush for prescribed time. With manual brushes, there is a possibility that you either brush for too long or for too shorter duration.
  • A toothbrush with batteries may be expensive when you first buy it but it lasts much longer than the manual one. The quality of bristles and other components is superior and eventually the extra cost is covered, with many additional benefits!

Since it’s clear that an electric toothbrush is far better than the manual one, there are some other benefits as well. According to many experiments conducted, it has been proved that an electric brush works significantly better. It has shown better results to keep dental problems like gingivitis, cavities, plague and yellowing of teeth at bay. Its circular motion not only cleans the front teeth properly, it has also been very effective for cleaning the molars and the pre-molars.

Types of electric toothbrush

The usual structure of a battery powered toothbrush remains the same, although the source of power may differ. In the market, you can find toothbrushes which are battery operated and the battery can be recharged just like that of the mobile phones. Some come with other type of battery or AA cell’s which have to be replaced once they are extinguished. Another variation is the movement of the head of the brush. Circular and sliding directions both are effective; it depends on the user’s preference.

Working of an electric toothbrush

As said before, a rotary toothbrush runs on power, whatever the source might be. It comes with a rotatable head which does all the work. To start using the brush, there are buttons on the handle which allows you to control the speed of the brush. The head is mostly detachable for cleaning it without damaging the batteries.

How to care for your electric toothbrush

Rechargeable toothbrushes have to be handled with proper care and cannot be kept carelessly like the manual ones. Since they are battery operated, you have to make sure that the batteries do not come directly in contact with water. Moreover, the head is to be washed properly and separately. If you want a better life for your electric toothbrush, you have to replace the batteries or charge them at regular intervals. Using only the genuine batteries is also must for the best performance.

Now that you have understood all the components of a toothbrush well, there is no reason why you still want to use the traditional tooth brush. For a comprehensive dental hygiene, combine your toothbrush with regular flossing and mouth washes for that perfect and shiny smile. Those toothbrushes are easily available at any drug store near your house. You don’t have to wait for a recommendation from your doctor and they can be bought minus any prescriptions.

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