2 Safety Hazards of Electrical Outlets That Are Not Grounded

Now, to understand what an open ground, or an electrical connection that isn’t grounded. This is a situation where a three pronged outlet has only two, a hot and neutral wire, and no ground wire. Though these outlets look upgraded, they are not grounded and are disadvantageous for some reasons.

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First of all, they are a shock and safety hazard to your family. Shocks from these outlets can not only cause injury or death, but are also hazardous to any equipment you plug into them.

Secondly, most appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, television and practically any equipment using a 3 pronged plug need grounded outlets for safety and warranty reasons. Any of this equipment that is plugged into an outlet that is not grounded not only damages the unit, but also voids the warranty of the product Wire Crimp Pull Tester.

Tips to ensure your outlet is grounded

Plug-in testers are quite reliable in finding this out. They are small and inexpensive, and easily available at electrical supply stores.

You could always cut the electricity at the breaker, and pull off your outlet cover to take a look at its wiring. As this may be difficult to do as you may have to unscrew and pull out the outlet, it is better to have a professional do this for you.

So instead of taking chances, and if you have doubts about the wiring of your house, get a qualified electrician take a look at it.

How to take care of outlets that are not properly grounded

If you find a negative reading on your tester, remember that there may be other outlets in your house that are also not grounded. So it’s better to hire a qualified electrician to do a thorough checkup, and take the recommended steps.

Another option you have includes using new wiring. However as its installation requires the use of a code with specific requirements, and language that has to be shown on the outlet cover, this is not recommended as a beginner’s DIY project. It is too dangerous to you, your family and your electrical appliances; and should only be done by a professional, if at all necessary.

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