A Guide to Spiritual Readings and Psychic Science

When you think about it, there are several things that make up Psychic Science. These include astrology, geology, the paranormal, numerology, and spiritualism. Some of the things that we consider Science have been around for hundreds of years. There are some who believe that all three are actually separate fields, while others think they are all related. If you are considering becoming a psychic, the following is a short article that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science: Fodor, Nandor: Amazon.com: Books

The first article of the series looked at how psychic activity varies between time, place, and culture. This second article will explore three different areas where the topic of Psychic Science has been studied in modern times: (a) Fortunetelling – the practice of using crystal balls, gemstones, or other objects as a source of guidance and information; (b) Geology – the study of ancient monuments or other ancient buildings that seem to predict future events; and (c) Numerology – the study of numerical patterns found in the seasons. All of these areas are concerned with the laws of electromagnetism, time, and space. The first article explored some of the more obvious uses of Crystal Balls and Gemstones such as determining dates and helping people connect with their past. The second article looked at the practice of “fortunetelling” – essentially using crystal balls, gemstones, etc nguoi ngoai hanh tinh.

It is estimated that well over one hundred thousand California residents engage in some form ofvoyual contact, according to the American Association of Psychic Readers (AASP). The vast majority of Californianvoyants (those who use “sight seeing”) do not receive any benefits from this activity, but the law makes it legal to perform these activities by anyone who holds a valid license. The exact text of the California Divination Law can be found in the California State Divination Code Section 5atories, which was revised in 1998. For a more detailed discussion of the Divination Law, see the Article I of this series.

The original article looked at the original ceremonial law ofvoyance/mediumship and looked at how this has been modified since the days of Lucinda and John the Baptist. The current article looks at how the modern version of mediumship/psychic ability has been developed, how it is regulated, and why it is considered a legitimate commercial activity. The article also goes into some of the common problems that people have with mediumship and gives some examples of what to do if you wish to make a living doing this type of work.

First of all, mediums cannot charge for their services, because they are not conducting a service for profit. Secondly, the ceremonial law does not protect their words or images, and they cannot be employed as advertising for a product or service. (iv) This article briefly goes into the history of the modern “voodoo” of sorts. Finally, there is a look at whether the craft of fortune telling, and other forms of elemental wibbiness are protected by the Constitution. The final part looks at whether it is a right or a privilege, to practice such ability.

In discussing the California constitution and its relation to the voodoo laws of various countries, we saw that the spirit world and the physical world are inextricably intertwined. Therefore, one can say that the spirit world is an extension of the physical universe. Therefore, it is not inconsistent to say that mediums too are extensions of the spirit world, and that they can also be protected by a Constitutional Ordinance. That would mean, that anyone can practice spiritual readings in California, as long as they did not receive money for doing so. And it would mean that no one could give any material or spiritual advice in the process either. However, it is beyond the scope of this article to present further details on the ordinance, or its applicability in California.

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