Bluetooth Car Kit Reviews – A Broad Stroke

With all of the mobile devices available these days we find ourselves more often than not in our car having to access our phones when receiving a call or text message. It just so happens that with today’s technology most mobile devices are Bluetooth enabled and many Bluetooth car kits were developed allowing you to access your phone with a hands free device via speech commands.

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Many states are cracking down on talking and texting while driving and it won’t be too long before everyone will need some sort of Bluetooth connectivity in order to use our devices hands free. The intention of the following to educate you as to some of the features that you will want to consider.

You can find out if your phone or mobile device is Bluetooth capable by looking over the specifications or user manual. Looking at Bluetooth car kits reviews such products exist like Parrot Autel MaxiIM IM608, Fahrenheit and Bury technologies. Simple kits that attach to your dashboard make outgoing or incoming calls or devices that play DVDs and CDs as well as having LCD displays that are touchscreen. Selecting these car kits can be difficult; having to take into account the price you are willing to spend. A quality Bluetooth car kit can range from 80-300$ and that is not including installation.

You will want to look for the functionality because it is important when selecting a Bluetooth device depending on the type of UI or user interface you want available. This has to do with the placement on the dashboard and if you want a LCD display or CD/DVD drive installed with it or not. Installation is a key factor because you must know if the kit you are purchasing is either self-installable or needs a professional also making sure the kit is compatible with your car. Each Bluetooth device differs depending on these variables.

When it comes to the installation of a car kit, if you are trying to conserve or have convenience of self installation the Parrot is the simplest because it is wireless and mountable projecting the audio through your car speakers and has voice recognition dialing when synced to your mobile device or phone partnered with a reasonable price. Where as the Bluetooth kit Fahrenheit needs a professional installation because of the specifications; this product comes equipped with a 7in LCD touchscreen display that slides back into the CD/DVD drive bay. Playing video, mp3 and mp4 and having mini USB to allow connectivity to any mobile device and synchronizing with your phone accessing your contacts and information.

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