What Is A Breast Enhancement Insert Bra

Many women, unhappy with their current breast size, look for a natural way to increase their bust size, including the use of breast enhancement insert bra. Because they fear the complications associated with surgical implants or dislike the feel of artificially enlarged breasts, natural breast enlargement alternatives such as herbal pills, vacuum devices, natural creams and exercise are becoming a more popular way to enhance the shape, size and firmness of breasts. These products really can be effective when used correctly and over a period of several months, as long as The Lost Book of Herbal the product chosen is of a concentrated potency and high quality.


Herbal breast enhancement pills are fast gaining appeal. The most popular herbal ingredient is saw palmetto. These pills, as the manufacturers claim, activate the inactive estrogen sites in the breasts and increase breast size. Some women, however, have reported negative side effects, including nausea, skin rashes, and hair lost. Others have taken them with no side effects whatsoever.


Some manufacturers claim that regular stimulation of the breast tissue by pumps induces the pituitary gland to increase the production and release of the female hormones responsible for breast growth. Detractors however claim that the pump has only a temporary effect and is prone to cause damage to the soft breast tissue.


The ingredients of the cream are similar in composition and serve the same purpose as that of breast enhancement pills but are found in smaller amounts. Many of the creams manufactured also act as a supplement to pills and work to enhance or sustain the changes achieved through the pills.


Breast exercises are recommended for enhancement and involve no cost, other than the books and videos one may purchase that explains the techniques used.

Bra Inserts

Perhaps the safest form of breast enhancement is the use of bra inserts, pads, breast lifters and shapers. These come in many different styles and prices, and give the user an instant breast lift. Some of the silicone inserts and cups are totally seamless and virtually invisible underneath clothing. The pads enhances a woman’s natural breastline and creates a sexy cleavage. Most are washable and reusable.

There is no ideal breast size and the size and shape of the breasts vary from woman to woman. With enough research, any woman can find the form of breast enhancement insert bra that fits her needs.

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