Learn About the Power of Energetic Coaching

Resonant energy gives coaches the edge. Many coaches are familiar with the laws of attraction but this simple energetic system goes beyond your usual business practices to transform your life and your business in positive and profound ways.

What is Resonant Energy?

The unknown inspires us. Many of us are compelled to learn what lies behind our everyday experiences, thoughts and emotions. Our natural curiosity inspires us to lift the curtain of our physical senses to see what lies beyond. We already know at some primal level that there is more within us than we may choose to admit, and that there are aspects of life for which we have no rational or logical explanations. We know somewhere deep within that our energy is important to us, that it gives us our life force, our vitality, yet in our everyday lives our knowledge may go no further than being aware that we take in energy  px7 primal flow reviews in the form of calories within our food and we expend energy by living, breathing and exercising. However, I would like to introduce you to a much more sophisticated understanding of energy, what we term “intuitive energy”

We know that energy is everywhere and everything, but how do we access it? How do we connect to and read the energy of ourselves and those around us? The answer is quite simple really, the energy is already there, we already read it through our bodies; it is our intuition which we can use to access it, making it conscious, which is why we refer to it as our intuitive energy. Intuitive energy offers a simple seven step system for understanding levels of energy which can be related to individuals, teams, organizations, and businesses.

As coaches we will already being using many energetic practices to boost the running of our business and resource ourselves. We may already tap into and trust our intuition, we may practice meditation to ground our energy and listen to our bodies to know when to rest, or be aware of our emotions to challenge or heal our clients. This energy may be conscious or unconscious, in flow or blocked – either way it will be impacting your coaching business.

Are you unconsciously blocking your coaching business with bad vibes? Is the energy of your coaching stuck? Here are seven ways to tap into the flow of your own intuitive energy and effortlessly unlock the door to your coaching success.

Step 1: Prepare yourself for your client

Take some space before each coaching session to still your mind and meditate for 10 minutes. Sit quietly, follow your breath and relax. Light a candle if it will help you to focus. Mentally ask your true self for help and guidance in the forthcoming session, to enable you to connect fully with your client and allow them to get the most out of the coaching session. Make a few notes of whatever comes up for you. Integrate this with reviewing your client notes from last time so you are fully prepared.

Step 2: Prepare your client for their session

Encourage your client to do similar practice before the coaching session so that they also are able to create the mind space to begin coaching. If your client comes to the session in a particularly rushed fashion you can always begin the session with a meditation, encouraging them to follow their breath and relax. This will help your client to become grounded and more authentic it will also help you to connect energetically with your client.

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