Natural Chinese Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus is one of the many common fungal infections of the human beings. Although there are innumerable therapies available for curing toe nail fungus, natural Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus are considered to be a best one.

The fungus that is harmless in normal human being, gains entry in to the body through cut or any kind of damage and sets up the infection under favorable condition. The toenail is more vulnerable for infection as it provides the warm and moist environment for the multiplication of the fungus.

The affected nail will have discoloration, and disfiguration. There can be pain in the affected toenail area due to the inflammation. Accumulation of the pus and oozing out of pus can be noticed in case the infection is severe. Lets us discuss here about the natural Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus.

Damp off

The ingredients of these Chinese home remedies are listed below. Atractylodis alba , atractyloidis, poly polus, poria cocos, citri reticulate, alismatis, cinnamomi, jujube, glycyrrhiza, zingiberies recens and magonolia officinalis.

This Chinese preparation strengthens the spleen. Harmonization of the middle burner and dispelling of the dampness is also possible. This is Very effective in treating the fungal infection, yeast infection and even moniasis infection. This preparation can also be used to treat gastritis, difficulty in urination, edema, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis.

Fungo off

The ingredients of this Chinese preparation are citrus viride, citrus peel, capilaris, poria, tokoro, atractylodis, plantago, dictamnus, alisma, tribulus, kochia, scute, gypsum, phellodendron, and cicade moulting.

This concoction is highly effective in the treatment of fungal infection such as moniasis; nail fungus, yeast, and tinea but Fungus clear reviews  destroying the fungus completely. This concoction is much better when compared to the other antifungal oral medications. This concoction is cheap at the same time very effective in the treatment of nail fungus. The cost of this preparation is only 35 dollars for 90 caps.

Fungo balm

The fungo balm ingredients are kochiae, gypsum, zinc oxide, cnidium, and sophora ans licorice. This fungo balm is the best for the treatment of nail fungus, tinea infection, athlete’s foot, ringworm etc. this balm clears the dampness of the systems of the body and heals the ailments faster. The cost of this balm is not much. 60 grams of fungo balm will cost only 27 dollars.

Fungo lotion

This is yet another effective natural Chinese home remedy for toenail fungus, which can be used with success for the treatment of nail fungus. This lotion contains melia, dictamium, borel, and cnidium in vinegar -sugar solution. One must apply this lotion few minutes [min 5 minutes] in the affected nail before applying the fungo balm. This way the cure is much faster. The cot of the lotion is 27 dollars per 60 ml.

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