Weight Loss Tips – The No Nonsense Approach

Weight loss is not a simple thing, despite what people may have you believe. “Eat less and exercise more” they say. The concept is sound but in reality there is much more to it meets the eye.

I could spend hours on end explaining why, but I’m sure you have already discovered this fact for yourself. And what’s more is that losing weight is only half the battle. Once you’ve lost it, the greater challenge is in keeping it off!

Ok, I’ll put an end to the doom and gloom now. There are a few simple secrets to losing weight, which when applied will make the world of difference to your weight loss plan. The problem is however that most people simply don’t see the power that lies within these secrets. Don’t make the same mistake!

Weight Loss Tip 1. Did you realise that you are already on a diet whatever you are currently eating? Because ‘diet’ simply means what we eat! You are already on a diet like it or not!

Which brings me on to the single and Biofit most important piece of information I can give you. For your weight loss plan to succeed you must choose a healthy diet and lifestyle which you can stick to for the rest of your life. It’s that simple.

Weight Loss Tip 2. You should fill most of your weight loss diet with fruit, vegetables, whole grains and beans. Why? Because these food types provide massive amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vitamins and minerals are vital for a healthy state of well being. They are involved in almost all the processes which take place in the body. Fiber keeps your digestive system working smoothly, and has the added benefit of making you feel ‘full up’.

Then simply add in a little meat and fish, and some low fat dairy products to add necessary protein to your weight loss diet and hey presto!

Weight Loss Tip 3. Eat fewer simple carbohydrates. Yep! Sorry folks this means cutting out the sweets, chocolate etc. Simple carbs are sugars which will be stored as fat if not burned off immediately. Unfortunately that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.(no pun intended!) Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Adding a flavoring like tea or concentrated fruit juice (squash as we call it) is fine but make sure its sugar free and stay well away from pure fruit juice, sugary drinks like cola and alcohol!

Weight Loss Tip 4. Keep a diary of everything you eat. Do this both before you start your weight loss plan and during. It’s tedious work but well worth it. You need to know exactly where you are now before you can see what needs to be changed!

Weight Loss Tip 5. Take notice of your diary and try to learn what can make you over eat. How were you feeling when it happened? Was it due to stress, anxiety or something else? Understanding what makes you over eat is vital if you want to be able to overcome the situation and make a different choice in the future.

Weight Loss Tip 7. Get as much help and support as you can. Having friends and family around to help to push you through the toughest days will be a massive help to you. Just remember that some people may subconsciously want you to stay just as you are and subtly sabotage your efforts. So be careful who you listen to.

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